What Is $CATNIP?

$CATNIP is a Native Asset minted on the Cardano Blockchain. A Fungible Token created to reward members of the The Cat's Eye Casino community in a fun and interesting way. Our "Community Token" concept is most closely related to a meme-token, that has utility within the The Cat's Eye Casino and Casino NFT Vault.

Our goal is to freely distribute $CATNIP to active participants in the Cardano community, and provide methods in which participants may exchange $CATNIP for various different types of rewards of their choosing.

A total supply of 7,000,000,000 $CATNIP will be minted with 77.7% allocated for distribution through The Cat's Eye Casino Discord server, and funding of the Meow-DAO $CATNIP Treasury. The Meow-DAO will utilize community voting to decide on important aspects of the $CATNIP Treasury issuance and usage, as well as the curating of projects and inventory available for purchase from the Casino NFT Vault using $CATNIP.

How To Get $CATNIP

The most effective way to earn $CATNIP is to participate in our Discord server!

Even just Chatting in our server will earn you $CATNIP! We also have several activities and games that members can play to earn $CATNIP, Discord exclusive raffles, passive bi-weekly $CATNIP payments and much more!

We want to make $CATNIP as widely available as possible, to anyone that is interested in Cardano NFTs and the projects we partner with, But we still want to make sure most rewards are fairly distributed to active participants of our Discord community as intended!

Partner projects of The Cat's Eye Casino will be allocated amounts to distribute to members of their own communities. This will also include SPO partners that wish to reward their delegates with $CATNIP for staking with their pools. Make sure to follow our partners to stay up to date with all of the different methods for collecting $CATNIP.

There will be no team allocation or sales of this token by The Cat's Eye Casino either public or private.

How To Use $CATNIP

Currently rewards can be claimed on our Discord server, with future plans for our own custom Discord bot, Smart Contract Marketplace, and Discord integration on our website to spend and manage the $CATNIP in both your Cardano Wallet and Discord account simultaneously.

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