The Cat's Eye Casino

The Origin of $CATNIP

The concept for $CATNIP was born out of the desire to offer a more engaging Discord experience to the CNFT Community. Also to provide an opportunity for anyone to earn NFT rewards by participating in our community, without the requirement of being a holder of NFT's.

With this goal in mind I started The Cat's Eye Casino, A Discord Server filled with a growing collection of Discord based games and activities aimed at increasing project engagement and strengthening the growing bonds within our community. My goal is to offer a fun and rewarding experience for anyone that visits our Discord.

Participating in The Cat's Eye Casino activities is currently the most effective way to earn $CATNIP, There are several different games to play, and even just checking in to claim your daily rewards will earn you $CATNIP in your account.

The Purpose of $CATNIP

The intention for $CATNIP is to be used as a "Community Token", meant to be earned and redeemed in several different ways on our Discord, or used as a fun unit of exchange between members of our community.

After reaching a healthy amount of token distribution and voter participation on Meow-DAO Proposals, we plan to have $CATNIP also become the governance token used for voting on important decisions regarding the Meow-DAO Treasury issuance, Casino NFT Vault, Cat's Eye Casino, C.A.T., and many other aspects of the $CATNIP ecosystem.

At the end of the day, I want to provide a fun, interesting, and educational token to help explore the possibilities on what types of things can be done with blockchain technology to help build a diverse and expansive community that rewards its members for participating.

The Disclaimer of $CATNIP

While we cannot prevent people from selling the token or providing liquidity on a DEX, With a large total supply and relatively unpredictable emission rates, it is not expected for this token to have any significant value on the secondary market or DEX's. Besides, its far more rewarding to join in the fun and just earn it yourself!

Rare or desirable prize availability from the Casino NFT Vault maybe cause temporarily increased demand relative to circulating supply, but there are never any guarantees or promises of being able to redeem any Casino NFT Vault Prizes, other then inventory available at any given time.

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