Distribution Methods


  • The main method of earning, spending and claiming $CATNIP.

  • All $CATNIP earned in our Discord Server has the option to be converted to the $CATNIP Native Asset at a 1:1 Ratio and can be claimed in amounts of 5,000 or more.

Vending Machine Token Distribution

  • Vending Machine SPO delegation - 777 Catnip Per wallet each Epoch

  • Partner SPO Bonus staking rewards - Coming soon!

Color Locking (Staking Rewards)

  • Purchase special limited quantity Colored $CATNIP Tokens and enjoy bonus multipliers on your Daily $CATNIP Income in our Discord, along with Passive $CATNIP rewards that accumulate automatically every Epoch for you to claim straight to your Cardano Wallet.

Community Assistance Team (C.A.T.)

  • Community nominated ambassadors for The Cat's Eye Casino that will be eligible to receive bonus $CATNIP for activities that help to grow and manage the community.

Meow-DAO Voting Incentives

  • We plan to reward $CATNIP to those who actively help in shaping the community and economy related to $CATNIP by voting for Meow-DAO proposals in our Discord.

Casino NFT Vault Donations

  • Approved NFT's may be donated to the Casino NFT Vault in exchange for $CATNIP. Projects approved for donations and amount of $CATNIP exchanged for them will be decided by community vote using Meow-DAO Proposals.

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