Claiming your $CATNIP

All $CATNIP earned in our Discord has the option to be converted to the $CATNIP Native Asset at a 1:1 Ratio. For the time being, We have a manual system in place for claiming your $CATNIP Tokens by opening a ticket in our Discord server. After you decide what amount you would like to claim from your Discord account balance, A reward will be set up for you to claim from our partner Token Distribution Platform, Vending Machine. You will be asked to send a small amount of Ada from your Cardano Wallet that will be returned to you with your $CATNIP Tokens. (minus Transaction Fees)

In the future we plan to add a custom Discord bot to oversee our Discord economy, with wallet and asset verification to link your Discord account to a Dashboard on our website for managing, spending, and claiming your $CATNIP.

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