Staking $CATNIP

The Cat's Eye Casino will offer a special staking process for members to earn both activity based and passive amounts of bonus $CATNIP through a method we call "Color Locking".

Members that have achieved the required server rank in our Discord will have access to purchase up to 7 different limited quantity colored $CATNIP Tokens. Buying these tokens with $CATNIP will lock the purchase amount of $CATNIP Tokens in a secure wallet, and provide you with a Colored $CATNIP Token in your Cardano Wallet that will give you many new ways to earn $CATNIP in both active and passive manners. Benefits and scarcity of Colored $CATNIP Tokens increases with the amount of staked $CATNIP and Server Rank required to obtain them. Color Locked $CATNIP must be sent in and converted back to Normal $CATNIP in order to purchase prizes or NFT's within The Cat's Eye Casino.

  • Up to 5x Multiplier bonus on your Daily $CATNIP Income.

  • Flat-Rate $CATNIP rewards that accumulate each Epoch.

  • Access to exclusive raffles, events, and airdrops.

  • Cat's Eye VIP Channel access

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